• ‘Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one’ Voltaire


    Dimitri is interested in parallel realities. What journey has this orange taken to get to my table? How is money digitally transferred? What is the connection between the ruling family of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Malta’s wife? It can be a simple action or a really complicated phenomenon, but this doesn’t change the fact that behind it lies an entire world. These parallel worlds are mostly unknown to us.


    Realities are composed of stories, historical processes, scientific and natural mechanisms, political theories, religious beliefs. In some cases these unknown factors occupy a ruling force over our lives, more than we could even imagine. As an artist he loses himself in finding ways to represent these realities; in finding the right ‘language’ for the topic.


    His artistic practice is expressed through the use of various visual elements and the construction of installations and sculptural pieces. He believes that stereotypes are one of our most powerful unconscious/non-verbal languages. He loves them, he loves to use them, to subvert them and manipulate them for a narrative purpose. His work is generally characterized by the physical involvement of the viewer with the work.


    He wants to ‘train’ his public not to passively accept information, reported facts and stories as undisputed truths. He wants them to ask questions, to become curious about these parallel realities that continually surround us. Everyday and everywhere.

 DimitriD’ippolito (1993) is an Italian/American visual artist working with photography born in Florence(IT). He studied photography at the Studio Art Centers International Florence (SACI). He  graduated in 2016 from BA Hons -Fine Arts Photography at the University of Brighton with a First Class Honours. Dimitri worked for 2 years as a studio assistant for MarkPower and he is currently working for Edmund Clark.

Dimitri works as a frelance Fashion/Editorial photographer, Visual Storyteller and creative.

Currently living in London, available for commisioned work:




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